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#1 Reason to Have a Professional Business Card

Whether you’re self-employed or searching for a job, one of the most basic and top tools to advance your career or business is to have a professionally designed and printed business card.

While exchanging contact information via social media or email can be convenient, it is also extremely impersonal. Real relationships begin with eye contact and a handshake, and are cemented with a physical business card. Having your actual physical card in their wallet or drawer automatically raises your perceived value as a contact.

When it comes to getting ahead, a strong presentation and a solid first impression go a long way. It projects confidence, professionalism and if properly executed, will represent you long after you have shared that tiny piece of paper with a prospective client or employer.

There are many ways a business card can improve your prospects. Let’s take a look at the first of the top three reasons to put your name in print…


Business cards show that you take your business seriously. If you took the time and effort to make cards with your contact information, you are likely to put much more effort in your business relations. Business cards also show that you are always prepared for the opportunities that random encounters with different people bring. A high quality card sets the tone of competence, confidence and professionalism, and establishes a perceived value of your services.

The only thing worse than not having a business card is having a poor quality business card. Handing out a business card produced on low quality paper or with a bad design, will hurt your image and can cost you money in the long run.

Everyone knows how important first impressions are. Not everyone knows that the window for a “first impression” is only 7 seconds!

Remember, you never get the chance to make a good first impression!

Your branding and business image begins with that small piece of paper. Imagine the confidence you’ll project when introducing yourself with a professional quality business card.

Because your business is worth it!

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