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#2 Top Reason to Have a Professional Business Card

When it comes to getting ahead, a strong presentation and a solid first impression go a long way. Your business card, will represent you long after you have shared that tiny piece of paper with a prospective client or employer.
There are many ways a business card can improve your prospects. Let’s take a look at the second of the top three reasons to put your name in print…

As mentioned in a previous blog post, Reason #1, the window for a first impression is only 7 seconds! If you find it difficult to make a good first impression, a business card can help you leave a lasting one.

The question is, what kind of lasting impression will you create? Besides your name and contact details, your business card should contain your position and some type of reference of your service. Even if those that have your business card don’t need your services at the moment, they may know someone who does. This is how your business cards can be used for referrals.

Most importantly, your business card leaves an impression reflecting your business. Your business card is your representative in your absence. Think of it as your ambassador, and of course, you want an ambassador that represents you in the best possible light.

For this simple reason your card should be unique to your business and reflect the quality of service you provide. Several on line services and box stores provide quick, cheap cards with very little effort on your part. The tragedy of these services is, if a certain layout appeals to you, chances are, many others in your industry will feel the same!

Imagine this: your are attending an event, meeting potential customers and handing out cards, when you cross paths with a competitor handing out your same business card with different contact information. Think of the message you are sending.

Let’s take this a step further, and imagine a prospect is going through the numerous cards collected at the event. Your “ambassador’s” hands have been tied since there is another card with the exact same image competing for attention. Perhaps you made a favorable impression at the event, but a cookie cutter business card does nothing to jog the prospect’s memory or spark the same interest they may have shown previously.

A professional and exclusive business card will set you apart from your competition. One way to ensure you get what you need is by hiring someone whose job is to design. From imagery, to typestyles, to the stock on which your card is printed can make a lasting impression. A graphic designer is uniquely qualified to help you escape anonymity by building your unique brand and letting your ambassador work to its fullest potential!

Think of your business card as an investment, not as an expense. Business cards are cost effective, portable, and easy to give away, so there’s no reason not to have one. Even with email and the variety of social media, people expect you to have a business card. It shows professionalism and it demonstrates that you care. You want it to say, “I belong here, I know what I’m doing, and you should consider me a contender.” They are a paper handshake that instantly gives whoever you meet everything they need to know in order to do business with you. Keep in mind, your business card never has downtime and is always working for you!

Remember, you never get the chance to make a good first impression!

Your branding and business image begins with that small piece of paper. Imagine the lasting impression you’ll make when introducing yourself with a uniquely branded and professional quality business card.

Because your business is worth it!

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