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Marketing with “Your Front Porch”

Realtors call it curb appeal. The front porch serves as a welcome and first greeting to potential buyers. It’s no secret that realtors stress curb appeal and first impressions! In business, when marketing yourself, you must wear your own realtor hat. If you don’t sell yourself, who will? So, let’s explore your front porch! “Front porch”, you say? Yes, every one in business should […]

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Thank You to Our Fallen Who Fought for our Freedoms

All too often around Memorial Day we tend to forget exactly why the holiday was created: to honor those American men and women who died during combat. The holiday, instituted in 1866 in the wake of the Civil War, was first known as Decoration Day. It was set aside to remember both Union and Confederate […]

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Your Secret Ambassador: Promotional Items!

Reinforce your branding with promotional items! People keep promotional products for an average of 6.5 months. Every glance at your item reinforces your brand, delivers your message and separates you from your competitors. Almost anything can be branded with your company name or logo, and used for promotion. Skip items that will be used and tossed. […]

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