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Banners Bring Home the Bacon!

Roxy Dale was looking for a way to drive traffic to her booth at a popular weekend market. She enjoyed a prime position bordering the main thoroughfare, but her kiosk was lacking attention-grabbing signage. With the addition of a cost effective, vinyl banner hung from the entryway, her handcrafted jewelry pieces are now receiving the attention they deserve.

Durable, versatile, portable and cost effective vinyl banners are the perfect choice for expos, banks, retail, healthcare providers and special promotions! Displayed indoors or out, vinyl banners are available in a variety of sizes. Customized for your particular need, whether advertising a new store opening, displaying business hours or promoting a special deal, vinyl banners will clearly convey your message, capture the attention of potential customers and bring home the bacon!

If you are in the Sarasota area on a Saturday, stop by the Central Sarasota Farmer’s Market and check out Roxie’s Rocks, Gems, Crystals & Wire Wraps. With her new signage, you can miss her! While you’re there, take a tour of The Florida House Institute’s “green” demonstration house and surrounding landscape, integrating scientific principles and sustainable living practices.

Jewelry by Roxie, Crystals by Mother Nature, Banner design and production by Calypso Graphics. My Business is to Make Your Business Look Good!


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