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Retractable Banners Get the Job Done!

Whether it’s a trade show, corporate event, or promotional appearance, retractable banners get the job done, then roll up for easy transport and storage. Megan and Caitlin, owners of Green Apple Salon & Spa needed signage for an upcoming event. The banner needed to be consistent with their branding, easy to display, easy to transport […]

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My Business is to Make Your Business Look Good!

12 years ago, Calypso Graphics was founded on the C’s. Creativity, Competitive Pricing and Customer Service. Over the years, Calypso Graphics has helped businesses present themselves at a professional and polished level through their Marketing Materials. From Logos, to Business Cards, Name Badges and Brochures, Calypso Graphics ensures their marketing reflects the  client’s business, while working within their […]

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Calypso Graphics: 2016 Top 40 Award Winner

Calypso Graphics is pleased to announce they have been recognized as a 2016 Venice Top 40 Business Professional. Specializing in Graphic Design, Printing and Promotional Products, they help businesses develop their marketing, branding and professional image to give them a competitive edge. Owner, Debbi Reisig, built her company on 3 Cs: Creativity, Competitive Pricing and Customer Service. Ms. Reisig says, “I […]

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Business Cards Matter!

This clip is a light-hearted look at how important business cards can be. After watching the clip, do you know the name of the firm? If not, the card didn’t make a very strong impression. Oh, and by the way, Patrick Bateman’s card had a typo on it! Can you find it? Attention to detail, […]

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Promo Products: More Impressions = More Business!

The whole purpose of advertising is to generate business and referrals for your company. The fantastic thing about promotional products is, that is exactly what they are designed to do! Promotional items, also known as Advertising Specialties are not bound by geographic or demographic limitations. Because of their mobility, items such as magnets, jar openers and even sunscreen have the ability to […]

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Tick-Tock…Promo Calendars Rock!

While most all of us are enjoying the sounds and celebrations of Summer, it is not too early to turn your attention to 2017! Have you thought about your marketing and branding for the new year? Here is a great promotional item to kick off your 2017 advertising budget! Custom calendars are one of the most […]

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Logo Creation: The Composer and the Musician

Recently, I had the pleasure of working with Dawn who is launching her personal fitness business. Understanding the importance of business identity and branding for her success, she turned to Calypso Graphics. Understanding a client’s vision and motivation is important to me. It guides me in creating the business identity that is uniquely representative of that client’s business. […]

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Marketing with “Your Front Porch”

Realtors call it curb appeal. The front porch serves as a welcome and first greeting to potential buyers. It’s no secret that realtors stress curb appeal and first impressions! In business, when marketing yourself, you must wear your own realtor hat. If you don’t sell yourself, who will? So, let’s explore your front porch! “Front porch”, you say? Yes, every one in business should […]

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Thank You to Our Fallen Who Fought for our Freedoms

All too often around Memorial Day we tend to forget exactly why the holiday was created: to honor those American men and women who died during combat. The holiday, instituted in 1866 in the wake of the Civil War, was first known as Decoration Day. It was set aside to remember both Union and Confederate […]

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