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Build Your Brand and Client Base

As a Realtor relocated from “up North”,  Theresa wanted to establish her identity as “The Realtor in Paradise”. We discussed how to set her apart from the other agents in her office while still maintaining the connection with her company. Theresa provided a draft of the brochure copy as well as her photo. By building a relationship with her, I was able to create imagery that reflected her warm personality as well as how she wanted to be perceived by her clients.

The tropical paradise imagery was kept consistent throughout other marketing materials including table top displays for a trade shows, as well as sell sheets and other printed “take me” collateral for open house events.

Her new branding and business identity set her apart from all other realtors in a very competitive market. Her strong and cohesive image is sure to be remembered by her clients even after the sale, an invaluable tool for cultivating referrals.

You should consider your graphic designer as your image consultant, and not just a “one and done” order taker. Collaboration with your designer is one of the best tools for marketing yourself, and this relationship can go a long way to positioning yourself ahead of your competition.


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