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Calendar Magnets — A Popular and Effective Marketing Tool

Are you wondering, “What are Calendar Magnets?” and “Why should they be one of my marketing tools?”

As you may have guessed, a Calendar Magnet is a customized magnet featuring your logo and information, plus a handy and useful annual calendar.

There are many benefits of a calendar magnet, both for promoting your business, and for your customers, too!


Calendar magnets are extremely functional and a great investment. While traditional calendars need a large wall space to be displayed properly, Calendar Magnets can be attached to the fridge in the heart of the kitchen, a break room, inside a locker door, or on a filing cabinet at home, school or office. More importantly, calendar magnets do not require a lot of space to store prior to distribution. Because calendar magnets are more compact and lightweight, should you decide to include them with your invoices or holiday greetings, the postage will not cost nearly as much as a sending a traditional wall calendar.

According to a surveys, an overwhelming 79% of the respondents surveyed said they like to receive calendar magnets as a promotional gift. Are you looking for a promo item that has a long lasting impression? Calendar Magnets are an easy and cost effective answer!   We recommend these promotional items because we know your customer will look at your magnet for a minimum of 12 months, keeping your logo and message, front and center for a very long time, at a very affordable price!


Many businesses know using Calendar Magnets as a component of their marketing plan is a very effective marketing tool.  88% of survey respondents remember the advertiser’s name on a promotional product, strongly suggesting that Calendar Magnets can build brand awareness and fulfill their intended purpose of marketing. Considering the average person opens their fridge more than 15 times a day, your calendar magnet will get viewed over 5000 times on a yearly basis! No doubt Calendar Magnets can constitute one of the most cost effective forms of marketing today!


Calendar Magnets are perfect for any type of business or institution. From a bakery who wants to cook-up new customers, to a non-profit who wants to thank its sponsors, Calendar Magnets rise to the challenge!

Available in many shapes and designs, Calendar Magnets can represent your business 365 Days a Year! Contact Calypso Graphics for your Promotional Product needs including your 2018 Calendar Magnets!

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