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Create Some Buzz for your Bizzzzzness!

Beekeeper Jim requested some “attention getting” help for his Farmers Market appearances. While he is an expert in beekeeping, relocation and honey making, he needed some help with his cottage industry branding, and turned to Calypso Graphics┬áto create some buzz.

Brightly colored roadside signs are a very cost effective method for driving business without the need for permanent space or permits. Bee-sides the eye catching design, portability was a key specification. With the signs alerting vehicular traffic of his local delicacy, not only is his bees-ness up, but the foot traffic of the entire market as well! You can visit Beekeeper Jim on Saturdays at the Central Sarasota Farmers Market for his bee-utiful honeys, lip balm, body butter, candles, and beeswax.

Sign design and production by Calypso Graphics. Honey production by Myakka’s Gold Apiary.


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