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Graphic Designer: Judge & Jury or Executioner?

I do not consider myself a political person, and have no desire to engage in debate with those that do. Some time ago I was asked to design a logo for, in my opinion, a hot-button topic.

Finding myself engaged in an internal debate, with two evenly keeled points of view, and no moderator, was a new experience for me.

One side said “I cannot align myself with this business, as it may offend clients with an opposite point of view.” The other side said, “This is a paying gig. The client selected you because they know your work and chose to entrust their business image to you. Creating this logo does not imply that you are a supporter of this business”.

And yet the other side, sounding eerily like my parents, said “Birds of a Feather…… and You are Judged by the Company you Keep.”

And so it went on for several days. Luckily, the client had a fairly open timeline for project completion. This was a new experience, to create imaging for a legal business that I could not put my full support behind.

I revisited why I was in business, and why I do what I do. The answer came to me clear as a bell, and quieted my heart. I ask my clients to consider me their image consultant. As long as the business is legitimate and not a drug dealing, human trafficking or some other illicit operation, I could entertain client businesses with tenets differing from my own. My job, my mission, my Value to my clients, is to use my 25+ years of experience to help them represent their business in a polished and professional manner.

With this epiphany, I set about to create a logo for my client that would brand this business and be cost effective to translate into collateral materials. I realized as the creation process unfolded, that it was not about the controversial nature of the business, but strong design and typography skills. As the chosen executioner, I was quite pleased at the final logo, and the client loved it. The joys of my chosen profession!

I have no desire to engage in a debate about businesses that raises eyebrows. I do not want to be the Judge. Your business is something you feel passionate about. That is why you are in your business!

The Jury reminded me that “My Business is to Make Your Business Look Good”, and it is my pleasure to Execute your wishes to the best of my ability and talent.

That is all, and that is quite enough for me.

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