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Keep Your Name at Referral Partners’ Finger Tips!

Business building, through referral, is one tool to promote company success. Keeping your name in the front of potential customers and at the finger tips of your referral partners is important to generating new business.

Add some shape to your your marketing program with these cost effective emery boards! Build and expand your branding with high visibility and useful advertising specialties. The whole purpose of advertising is to generate business and referrals for your company. Quite uniquely, promotional items, are not bound by geographic or demographic limitations. Because of their mobility, items such as ball markers, emery boards, sunscreen and even lip balm have the ability to reach an entirely different tier of people to which you have never been introduced, but know about you!

This is a great promotional item for salons, barber shops, spas, political campaigns, hospitality, realtors, hotel owners/guests and just about any business who wants to expand their exposure!

88% of survey respondents remember the advertiser’s name on a promotional product. Comparatively, the cost of promo items is more budget friendly that traditional methods of advertising! Measured as CPM, (Cost Per Thousand Impressions), it can be rather eyeopening and cost effective when making the decision to invest in promotional items.

The CPM of a promo item is better than that of  TV, Magazines and Newspapers and have a far longer shelf life, plus they are more fun to touch, hold and most importantly, keep!

Of course, when your promo items go mobile, the CPM is ever increasing, and your initial investment becomes the perfect way to keep your name at your customers’ finger tips!!

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