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Marketing with “Your Front Porch”

Realtors call it curb appeal. The front porch serves as a welcome and first greeting to potential buyers. It’s no secret that realtors stress curb appeal and first impressions! In business, when marketing yourself, you must wear your own realtor hat. If you don’t sell yourself, who will?

So, let’s explore your front porch! “Front porch”, you say? Yes, every one in business should always make sure their front porch is ready to greet new connections. Think of your name tag as your “front porch”; a place where significant things can happen! It is an invitation to engage, silently greeting people, and making you more approachable. You may discover that when you invite people to “step onto your front porch”, they will cross that invisible boundary between stranger and new prospect, customer or business partner.

Your name tag is the first step in creating a good first impression. How many times have you attended a meeting without a name badges or observed attendees filling out disposable adhesive stickers as a means of identification?  No company name, no logo, no branding. Ugh! How does that contrast to a professionally produced, magnetic name badge displaying your company name, logo and perhaps, even your catch phrase? Believe it or not, this simple accessory enhances your credibility without saying a word.

You may think your name tag is just a tiny detail in the scope of your marketing program, but what a hardworking partner it is! Think of your name tag as an powerful member of your sales team; one that will never be late for work and doesn’t require vacation days! A sales force that is working even when you are engaged in conversation with someone else.

90% of the transmitted information in the human brain is visual, and 40% of people prefer visual learning over auditory.

A tiny detail, yes, but this is the perfect opportunity to establish your brand with a new group of people. Visual impressions, i.e. your logo, your name, your catch phrase all begin to build your identity. The more your “visual” is “impressed” the stronger your branding becomes.

The next time you attend a meeting, convention, seminar or trade show, don’t forget your best friend. Remember, your name tag is your “front porch.” It invites people, makes them feel comfortable, and initiates conversations that transform strangers into valuable connections. But, like any good front porch, it’s important to create and wear a name tag that is visible, accessible, and efficient to maximize your approachability.

Calypso Name TagStrong curb appeal strengthens your professional image, establishes credibility and can help open doors to new opportunity!

This is one of the ways My Business Helps Your Business Look Good!


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