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My Business is to Make Your Business Look Good!

12 years ago, Calypso Graphics was founded on the C’s. Creativity, Competitive Pricing and Customer Service. Over the years, Calypso Graphics has helped businesses present themselves at a professional and polished level through their Marketing Materials. From Logos, to Business Cards, Name Badges and Brochures, Calypso Graphics ensures their marketing reflects the  client’s business, while working within their budget.

2016 has been a busy Summer for Debbi Reisig of Calypso Graphics! Besides being awarded as a 2016 Top 40 Business Professional, Debbi was also recognized as a 2016 Venice Woman in Business and a was runner up to 2016 GWIN Woman of the Year!

Thank you to all our domestic and international clients who have put their trust and confidence in Calypso Graphics for their marketing needs. Debbi truly personifies, “My Business is to Make Your Business Look Good”!


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