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Old Business, New Business Identity – Ready to Roll!

Relocating to a new state was the perfect opportunity for Tom to establish a fresh, new business identity for his new company. With Tom’s input, Calypso Graphics developed the logo, then moved to designing his business package of Business Card, Letterhead and Envelope, building his branding and recognition. Upon delivery, of his stationery, he said, “Now, I am ready to roll”!

There is no doubt that unique, professionally designed and produced stationery establishes level of business quality and credibility.

Having a very specific client parameter, the next step to marketing his business is to develop a rack card to introduce his business to his target audience.  A brochure with a more detailed description of his services and benefits will follow.

A fresh look for his new business! If you or someone you know is in the market for Outsourced Accounting and Controller Services, contact Tom Rossi.

When you or someone you know is “Ready to Roll”  with professionally designed and produced marketing materials, contact Calypso Graphics. My Business is to Make YOUR Business Look Good!

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