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Promo Products: More Impressions = More Business!

The whole purpose of advertising is to generate business and referrals for your company. The fantastic thing about promotional products is, that is exactly what they are designed to do!

Promotional items, also known as Advertising Specialties are not bound by geographic or demographic limitations. Because of their mobility, items such as magnets, jar openers and even sunscreen have the ability to reach completely different tier of people, to which you have never been personally introduced.

Mobility, you say? How exactly does that work? Although regifting is generally frowned upon, promotional items love to share!! In some cases, giving away two of an item with instructions to “share with a friend” is an easy way to double your advertising impact (Impressions) with scant effort on your part.

Imagine your customer takes their water infuser bottle to the gym. As they move through their circuit, so does your water bottle, emblazoned with your logo and contact information! Although you have never sweat a single second with the rest of the gym membership, they have been repeatedly exposed to your brand, product and service!

Many may recall the commercial of the shampoo model who used a product and then told 2 friends, who then told 2 friends, and so on, and so on. Before you knew it, the entire TV screen was filled with friends who have heard about this fabulous, new shampoo! Promo products work the same way — and last more than 30 seconds! Call that incredibly effective advertising at a VERY reasonable budget.

See the commercial here>>>

Advertising specialties are less expensive per impression than most other forms of media. Investment in ad specialties is modest, and more achievable for businesses than traditional forms of advertising. Measured as CPM, (Cost Per Thousand Impressions), it can be rather eyeopening and cost effective when making the decision to invest in promotional items. consider these cost comparisons when planning your advertising budget.

Prime Time TV and National Magazines 1.8¢
Newspapers .07¢
Promo products .06¢
Internet .03¢
The CPM of a promo item is better than that of TV, Magazines and Newspapers and have a far longer shelf life.

Of course, when your promo items go mobile, the CPM is ever increasing, and your initial investment becomes the gift that keeps on giving!!

Coming Up: Make Your Promo Product a Winner!

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