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Rack Up Profits with Rack Cards!

Rack cards are one of the most concise, effective and affordable marketing tools to put information into the hands of your customers while building your brand. Their impact is maximized by specifying a few key issues of content paired with a pleasing and easy to navigate design. Keep your rack cards simple and to the point, but include enough information to help your customers realize that they simply can’t miss what you have to offer. Think about including a QR code to bridge the gap between your printed marketing and your online presence!

An effective design maximizes the use of color and photographs. Passersby only need a second to engage or pass. The card should be something they want to pick up and visually enjoy while retaining your information. This versatile marketing piece can be utilized anywhere that enjoys abundant foot traffic. The 4″ x 9″ size is perfect for enclosing in envelopes or presentation folders. Attractively displaying more information than a business card, but less than a tri-fold brochure, rack cards are a great marketing piece to present your products and services at a very cost effective price point. Perfect for price lists, menus and in this case above, presenting a sample of the properties and lifestyle handled by this Real Estate Team. The team featured their logo as well as their signature hot, tropical, pink color and these distinctive elements are shared throughout their business cards, labels, envelopes and website.

Rack cards are a “high touch” marketing tool, and many people will see your card, even if they don’t pick it up. It is paramount that your rack cards are designed to maintain the standards of your brand in both color (let’s revisit our real estate team’s tropical color), quality and content (look at those life style photos! Can you picture yourself living in this Paradise? Call them!) An experienced graphic designer specializes in ensuring your brand is maintained, while sharing your message in a creative but effective manner. BEWARE: Choosing a generic template online that does not match your brand and is most likely shared by thousands of other businesses, may save you money in the short run, but will be detrimental to your business image and brand building in the long run. Inconsistency when representing your business can become confusing or leave a negative impression to many potential clients or customers. Does the term wishy-washy comes to mind.

Unlike many marketing methods, customers actively seek out rack cards for direction — and rack cards are incredibly cost-efficient to print and distribute. Including your logo, address, e-mail address, phone number, website and social media platforms help customers easily connect with you.

A new year is ahead, the perfect time to polish your branding, increase your exposure and Rack Up Profits! What are you waiting for?

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