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The “Must Have” Accessory

Anne is preparing for her first vendor show. She knew a Name Badge was a “must have accessory” to add polish to her “first impression” for potential clients. I couldn’t agree with her more.

Calypso Graphics delivered her name badge in plenty of time for her event. Not only can  can she use this accessory for trade shows, but meetings with potential clients as well as networking activities.

What some people don’t realize, is this significant accessory can open doors one never even envisions!

Imagine her name badge catching someone’s eye while standing in the check out line. What a perfect ice breaker for presenting her business! Think of your name badge as an extension of your sales team; one that will never be late for work and doesn’t require vacation days!

Don’t be a Secret Agent, this “Must Have” accessory strengthens your professional image, establishes credibility and can help open doors to new opportunity!

This is one of the ways My Business Helps Your Business Look Good!

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