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Tick-Tock…Promo Calendars Rock!

While most all of us are enjoying the sounds and celebrations of Summer, it is not too early to turn your attention to 2017!

Have you thought about your marketing and branding for the new year?

Here is a great promotional item to kick off your 2017 advertising budget! Custom calendars are one of the most popular tools for cost effective brand impressions. Their daily use ensures your organization’s brand and logo are seen frequently. Personalized calendar products are in sight of your customers and potential customers month after month, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. The  impression count is astronomical, and your business exposure is constant and consistent.

Advertising with imprinted promotional calendars creates goodwill and a steady stream of referrals. Studies show that people appreciate receiving  promotional calendars; they use them, and most importantly, they buy the products and services of the company that gave the calendar to them. This is the top reason why using promotional calendars for business purposes makes so much sense.

A wide variety of logo calendar products are available to promote your business: desk calendars,  pocket planners, mousepad calendars, magnetic calendars, wall calendars, stick on calendars and more! And…there is a calendar product to fit every budget, working hard to brand your business the whole year through.

Logo calendars are one of the highest retention promotional products because of their universal appeal and function.

While Christmast lists and holiday cards seem months away, NOW is the time to order your customized calendar products. Suppliers are offering incentive pricing to keep their presses running through the summer months. Many offer warehousing until the fall, and then ship when you are ready to receive them!

This tried and true promotional product makes a perfect direct mail piece as standalone or extra inserted item.  Calendars, planners, and datebooks are the type of items recipients will appreciate and expect to receive year after year. Build your client and referral base. This is the perfect time to take advantage of this unique and timely opportunity for a full year of cost effective advertising.


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