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Your Handout Should Make You Stand Out!

Promotional products, your tireless brand ambassadors, extend your name and services long after the initial meeting. Trending for 2017? Technology! Everyone today is connected and dependent on gadgets, and the trend of giving away technology items is here to stay. In 2017, technology is trending strongly and “smart tech” is the favorite for B2B marketing.

Technology that comes in handy when people least expect it reflects well on your brand. For useful items at work, home, play and information, look to the favorites: Power Banks, Bluetooth Earbuds, USB Drives, Stylus Pens and Bluetooth Speakers. The tech trend will remain steady, since they are becoming more cost effective and “smarter” by the day. The exposure of your brand to be seen over and over, rippling out and  returning an excellent CPM is boundless because these products have the potential to be used on a daily basis in a variety of environments!

Seventy-seven percent of consumers say a promotional product’s usefulness is the number-one reason to keep it.

Pictured: ARANZ Medical’s CEO Bruce Davey from New Zealand using his branded powerbank to keep his phones charged and business moving forward after a full day of meetings.

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