Muchas Gracias for your Sizzling Referral!

Businesses depend on referrals. When making a referral, of course you provide your client with the contact information of the business with whom they wish to connect. Helping clients with referrals establishes your strong connection with the business community.  Now, take it a step further! Notify the second party that you are sending a referral their way, including the contact information of the first party. Without the second part of the referral process, it can be more difficult for your referral partner to convert a warm lead into a solid prospect.

When someone refers a client to you, it is good business practice to send them an acknowledgement letting them know how much you value their support. Not only is acknowledging their help polite, but it will also encourage them to continue sending referrals your way!

Here is an example of two businesses collaborating to support a third! Calypso Graphics teamed up with Sweet Treats and Gifts to design this unique thank you presentation for our mutual client, Pillar To Post. Did you guess our theme was Cinco de Mayo?